Kontakt.io Gateway

Real-time Bluetooth Scanning

3 Card Beacons/3 Tough Beacons

Designed for asset tracking

3 Month Location Engine Subscription

Access to Kontakt.io Panel & Rest API

What’s in the box?

Location Engine API

  • Provides the position of a beacon in proximity to a Gateway
  • Built-in trigger capabilities, core analytics and heat mapping
  • Easy data access through Web Panel
  • 3 month subscription included in the kit
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  • Leverages Samsung ARTIK technology for large-scale IoT solutions
  • Powered by Kontakt.io’s proprietary Bluetooth stack
  • Fully integrated with Location Engine for continuous asset positioning
  • Easily deployed with mounting clip and LED indicator
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3 Card Beacons

  • A beacon that fits everywhere: 2mm (0.08 inch) thin
  • Save battery life with the on/off switch and smart power saving
  • Three technologies in one device: BLE, built-in RFiD and NFC tag
  • 18+ month battery life
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3 Tough Beacons

  • Tough Beacon's rugged construction protects it against punishment, impact and moisture.
  • A ruggedized beacon built for asset tracking.
  • Easily affix Tough Beacons wherever you need them.
  • 24-month battery life
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Complete Pack
Our Location Engine Starter kit is all you need for your complete beacon solution
1. Beacons
Use beacon to tag person or asset
2. Gateway
Using BLE and WI-Fi Gateway scans for beacons
3. Location Engine
With Rest Api and Web Socket integration all the data is in the cloud
Your solution
use all the data to create your own asset tracking solution

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