What's in the kit?
Infrastructure Management
3 months full license

A cost-effective and enterprise-ready way to manage your beacons from anywhere in the world.

  • Monitor and maintain a healthy device fleet with minimal operational expenses
  • Protect your devices and data with dedicated end-to-end security
  • Full access and editing rights to SDKs, Management App and API
  • Allows fleet management via the Gateway

3x Tough Beacon

  • Tough Beacon's rugged construction protects it against punishment, impact and moisture
  • A ruggedized beacon built for asset tracking
  • Easily affix Tough Beacons wherever you need them 24+ month battery life

1x Gateway

  • Leverages Samsung ARTIK technology for large-scale IoT solutions
  • Powered by Kontakt.io's proprietary Bluetooth stack
  • Fully integrated with Location Engine for continous asset positioning
  • Easily deployed with mounting clip and LED indicator

3x Beacon

  • Customizable casing
  • 2x replaceable batteries
  • 48+ month battery life
  • BLE, iBeacon and Eddystone

3x Beacon Pro

  • Built-in NFC brings configuration
  • Time down to 1 second
  • Spashproof
  • 60+ month battery life
Your Complete Pack
3 month Infrastructure Management license

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