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Power your hardware with our user-friendly software

  • 1. Manage your beacon infrastructure in the Panel
    Configure, share, and monitor your beacons in our web-based app.
  • 2. Update your beacons on the go with our Admin Apps
    Quickly check and update your beacons with our apps for iOS and Android.
  • 3. Keep track of your beacon health
    Get real-time notifications when your battery level drops too low.
  • 4. Shuffle beacon identifiers
    Schedule your beacons to change their identifiers and MAC addresses every day to protect them from security threats.
  • 5. Update your beacons without going on site
    With our SDK, your app users can seamlessly collect information about your beacons and update their configuration just by passing by.
  • 6. Share your infrastructure
    Rent out your fleet securely, to anyone inside or outside your organization and still control your whole network with our API.
  • 7. Build on top of our robust API and SDKs
    Don’t reinvent the wheel. Easily integrate our software with your current IT stack. Build your solution with the Kontakt.io API or SDK features to get the most out of your infrastructure.

Combine any Kontakt.io beacon with Gateway for location tracking

  • 1. Locate
    Use the Kontakt.io Gateway to know where your beacons are in real time.* Learn more
    * Software gateway available in the kontakt.io app. Hardware gateway comming soon
  • 2. Analyze
    Gather and analyze data about the location of your beacons and their performance using the Kontakt.io Panel or API.
  • 3. Trigger
    When a beacon enters or exits a specified region, you can trigger real-world actions (such as sending an email, opening a door, or switching off the lights etc.) wherever and whenever you want.
Looking for features that no beacon vendor provides?
Custom hardware
Firmware adjustments
Beacon deployment and maintenance
Software deployment on third-party IT systems
Custom software
Private cloud hosting

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